CBS's police action drama series, NCIS, is taking a break from televisions because of the holidays but fans and loyal viewers of the show are already looking forward for the upcoming episode that is set to air next year.

Latest NCIS episode of the CBS action series was Episode 10 titled, "The Tie That Binds" and aired last week. Following this, speculations and rumors about the events that are possibly happening on the upcoming episode are surfacing online.

According to International Business Times, the next episode, which is the eleventh of this season, will focus on another undercover operation that the team will have to deal with. As per the source, NCIS will find members of the team that will lead them in the operation.

Emily Wickersham's character, Special Agent Eleanor Bishop and Qasim, portrayed by Rafi Silver, are apparently going to lead the team in the investigation which will involve a businessman manipulating the stock market.

Meanwhile, speculations about the series' long-rumored cancellation stirred up when it was reported that lead star, Mark Harmon, who portrays the lead character, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, hinted about CBS network to end the show after almost a decade and a half of airing.

According to Entertainment Tonight, during an interview with the actor, he mentioned that he and the rest of the cast have known that the series is going to end up anytime soon. He also reportedly added that the actors of NCIS are just going to have fun and enjoy the show while it's still on television.

It was previously reported that Harmon will be leaving the show soon for his own good. It had been revealed that the actor has been having issues with his health and if he does not quit, his condition might get serious anytime.

This was what fans have been worried about. If Harmon quits the series, a lot is going to change on the show's storyline and they think that it will never be the same without Leroy Gibbs on the team.

NCIS Season 14 episode 11 with the title, "Willoughby", is set to air on January 3, 2017 on CBS.