For those who are counting on the upcoming season of Counting On to be peppy, here is some good news. There will be a lot of happy moments and also some unexpected drama in the new programs.

The show reveals the preparations for Jinger Duggar's wedding, Jinger gearing up for her first kiss with Jeremy Vuolo and how Derick Dillard is the one with the bad health. Hence, the Duggar family show reveals the Duggar women gearing up for the wedding.

Even though Jinger and Jeremy had got married last November, the real scene can be seen only now. Not only the wedding, but the preparation and planning that leads up to that day can be viewed likewise, according to womanista.

Jinger is seen doing some special shopping. She wants to buy a fancy wedding frock and is also seen talking to her older, already married sisters.

Even as they exchange some exciting views on the marriage, one of the speakers pops up her own special question: does Jinger have any plans for her first kiss, especially as it will take place on the altar? The point is that the Duggars do not kiss before marriage!

"Either he initiates or you initiate," says Jill. That sister has the experience, as she got married back in June 2014. But Jinger isn't saying whether she had any plans, or when she expects the first kiss. "It's a little overwhelming. I just want to get married!" she exclaims, even as she tries on different wedding dresses.

Jinger will go away from the family to Texas. Her sister Jessa, who is pregnant with her second child, is saddened by this, as she had a special time with Jinger around. Now she is losing her company.

"I'm really, really excited for her, but I'm also sad she's going to be moving away," Jessa admits. "She won't be around when the baby arrives."

Apart from Jessa's pregnancy, there is news about Jill coming back from South America. Jill's husband Derrick Dillard is probably suffering from an illness, after returning to the country. Moreover, one more Duggar might begin her courtship too.

The newest season of Counting On starts on Monday January 16, 2017 on TLC. Stay tuned for more of the Duggar family drama and real life happenings here. 

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