Best Weight Loss Camps for Women in the USA: From Rustic to Resort 5 Camps to Get Your Health Back on Track


When you hear the words "fat camp" you think of children getting sent away for the summer to improve their health and shed some extra pounds. Guess what? You don't have to be a kid to attend-adult weight-loss camps do exist. From rustic to resort, these camps can help you get your weight under control and your health back on track. Use the tips below to help choose the best camp for you.

1. Define what camp means to you.

This is sleep away camp so choose your facilities wisely. Do you want a platform tent with bunk beds or a tent and a sleeping bag on the ground? Is glamping with 600-thread count sheets more your speed? Pick the accommodations that suit your needs.

2. Check out the menu.

Cuisines differ from camp to camp. Pick your menu carefully. You may as well enjoy the food while you get fit.

3. Embrace childhood.

Don't be afraid to pick a weight loss camp that actually feels like summer camp. Three-legged races, kickball and campfires may be the distraction you need and the panacea to your weight-loss woes.

4. Be selfish.

Weight loss can be difficult and frustrating so select a camp that will nourish your soul. Nurture your spirit while you work to get back into skinny jeans.

Here are the weight loss camps we think are epic. Choose your own adventure!

Camp Pocono Trails

This really is summer camp. Located on 350 acres in the Pocono Mountains, this wellness camp offers a mom's only version, in addition to family camp. Expect air-conditioned cabins, Zumba, tennis lessons and the same cuisine they serve at their children's facility.

Weight Crafters

Don't expect to slum it at this camp near the white sand shores of Madeira Beach, Florida. Nutritional counseling, trampoline workouts and massage therapy are part of the daily offerings. Sign us up.

The Biggest Loser Resorts

If you've ever dreamed of training like those folks on NBC's The Biggest Loser, then put this place at the top of your list. The Palm Springs, California, location is a luxurious resort. Desert heat meets mountain views as you pretend Jillian Michaels is your coach. Now get to work.

Unite Fitness Retreat

There's no shame in your game if camping is not your thing. If you want nature's beauty paired with high-end accommodations, then this is the weigh-loss destination for you. Salt Lake City, Utah, is the perfect backdrop for guided hiking, snowshoeing and bike riding. Once you've had your fill of nature, retire for the evening in their luxury hotel rooms complete with flat screen TVs, WiFi and daily cleaning. Bonus!

Premier Fitness Camp

We love how humbly this super fancy weight-loss retreat calls itself a "camp." Stay for a week or bunker down for six months to jumpstart your fitness routine and shed the pounds. Behavioral health coaches will challenge your mental limits while dedicated nutritionists will school you in healthier cooking techniques. From the looks of this camp's intense schedule, you won't have time to worry about eating.

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