'NCIS' Season 15 Cast News: Why Mark Harmon's Exit Amid Fans' Concern About His Health Is Unlikely [VIDEO]


NCIS is into Season 14 and enjoying a good run on television but fans of Mark Harmon have been worried about his health for a long time because of his frail physique.Some have also sounded an alert about Harmon's continuation on the show leading to speculations that he might leave but it does not look like this is going to happen.

Ever since a frail Mark Harmon appeared on NCIS Season 14, fans have been worried about his health, as reported by Daily Mail. The fact that the 65-year-old actor did not address the rumors surrounding his health made the speculations sound true.

Many thought and even feel to this day that he might bid goodbye to the CBS show but it is also worth remembering that Harmon is not just the star of the show. He is also the executive producer.

What more is that he signed a two-year contract last year to continue with the crime series. So, it does not really seem like fans should worry. The contract confirms his appearance for Season 15 and thus, it is not like Agent Gibbs would be missing from the scene. Even the producers have denied the stories that he is quitting or the show is about to be cancelled.

As far as his health is concerned, it is true that his thin frame and silence regarding the rumors have only raised the concern of his fans but the actor pays adequate attention to his health, claims Men's Fitness. According to the health magazine, Harmon still does Pilates and tries to stay in shape. In his interview, he shed light on his fitness routine and said that he does not do the same thing he did when he was 24.

Nevertheless, he is into Pilates and does take good care of himself, that is, he takes rest and eats well. Talking about his acting career, the former football quarterback said that it was during his shoe salesman job that he realized that it was acting that was supposed to be the career for him.

NCIS Season 14 premiered last year in September and airs every Tuesday on CBS. Watch the sneak peek for Episode "Off The Grid" below.

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