Best 8 Favorite Things About Former First Lady Michelle Obama


Michelle Obama is an icon and our obsession with this former FLOTUS is never going to end. Here are our 10 favorite things about her.

1. Michelle Obama was a first lady for a new, modern generation. She listens to rap music and has cool friends (Beyonce! Jay-Z!). We liken her to the cool older sister you were desperate to emulate.

2. FLOUTUS's style became our style. This first lady always looked like a million bucks. Our minds were blown when we learned she shopped at J. Crew! For eight years we've watched her rock accessible designers like Tracey Reese, Michael Kors and Rachel Roy. Got a friend who swapped out her all-black outfits for gear for more color? Thank Michelle.

3. Michelle and Barack are indisputably #relationshipgoals. Did you catch the way he kissed her hand before they left the White House? Notice how POTUS always brags about his incredibly intelligent, beautiful wife? Never heard Obama wax poetic about Michelle's perfection? You've been living under a rock. They fist pump, hold hands and still look at each other all googly-eyed. #Obsessed.

4. Admit it-you've been a little jealous of Sasha and Malia for having such a cool mom. Michelle's not the mama bear who stays home baking cookies. She's the matriarch who gives you space to explore your first teenage relationship and talks you through the breakup. She'd probably stay up all night just to make sure you get through that insane book report assigned by that teacher who gives too much homework. Also, how many First Children get part time jobs? The Obama kids do.

5. Her fitness initiative, "Let's Move,"wasn't lame. Michelle represented for the cause, never hiding behind a podium and spouting her platform. She joined Ellen DeGeneres and Jimmy Fallon on their respective shows and wowed us all with her excellent dance moves.  Did you know FLOTUS works out for 90 minutes everyday? Watch her school Ellen in the pushup challenge.

6. Michelle was diplomacy and graciousness personified so many times during the race toward the 2016 Presidential Election. She didn't flinch when Melania Trump "borrowed" her previous Democratic National Convention speech and reminded us all to be above the fray: "When they go low, we go high."  

7. Barack Obama's speeches have moved us with their brilliance and inspiration, but did you hear the collective sounds of jaws hitting the ground when we realized Miss Michelle is one hell of an orator too? Start with this speech from the 2012 Democratic National Convention and then hit up Google for more.

8. This First Lady raps and not in some cheesy imitation of hip-hop way. Check out this episode of Carpool Karaoke. I dare you to show me another first lady who knows the words to Missy Elliot songs.

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