The CW's science fiction post-apocalyptic action drama, "The 100", is a few hours away from airing its fourth season. It has been months since fans have seen the action series on televisions, so the premiere of season 4 has long been awaited.

With few hours remaining until "The 100" season 4 premieres, speculations and updates have been appearing online regarding on what the viewers might expect on the episodes. The previous season left with many unanswered questions, so fans are reportedly hoping that this season will contain revelations that can answer cliff-hanging scenarios.

According to a report from TV Guide, on "The 100" season 4, the heroes will be facing their greatest enemy that they will have to encounter so far. When the series returns, it will reportedly feature the nuclear power plants melting down, causing for it to release a radiation wave that will almost completely destroy the Earth. Only 4% of the planet will remain habitable for six months and this event will reportedly cause dilemma to the team.

Moreover, according to Entertainment Weekly, "The 100" creator and executive producer, Jason Rotherberg, revealed during an interview that indeed, terrible events will happen on the fourth season. The premiere will reportedly pick up to where the series left off on the previous season. Clarke (Eliza Taylor), can be recalled saving the day and destroying A.L.I.E. (Erica Cerra), when she pulled the kill switch on her.

Aside from that, the producer said that the terrible and thrilling events for "The 100" season 4 would reportedly include A.L.I.E's words to be correct, when she said that the effects of the rising radiation would be horrible. Black rain, undrinkable water and pre-cancerous lesions will reportedly form, which will leave a mark on humanity with fans to wonder if mankind will ever survive.

"The 100" season 4 is set to premiere on February 1, 2017 on The CW.