‘Teen Wolf’ Winter Finale Review: Stiles And Lydia’s Kiss Steals The Show Amidst Shocking Moments

"Teen Wolf" Season 6, the final season of the series, concluded the winter finale on Tuesday and it did give fans oodles of surprises. While most were shocking, some were sweet too. The emotional kiss of Stiles and Lydia was something every viewer wanted to watch again and again.

Season 6 winter finale of "Teen Wolf" saw Stiles returning and he suddenly appeared back in his jeep, reports E! News. However, the real entrance took place when he appeared with his trusty bat to help Scott and Liam take down the Nazi in the hallway. The tables turned in a while when the ghost riders trained their guns at him. Thankfully, a banshee showed up to save him. Lydia came along and said that she did not say it back to which he replied that she did not have to and then the duo plunged into kissing.

The romantic reunion was a treat to the eyes but there was more. Melissa and Argent were making out in the train station after fighting some ghost riders. Then came the sad part, that saw Stiles hearing his dead mother's voice. A trick to play with his emotions and kill him, it began to strangle him but Lydia propelled Noah to shoot her and save him, claims MTV.

Another shocking moment came when Scott went against Mr. Douglas and found Theo and Peter Hale. Together they combated him and the dark cowboys transformed him into one of their own. The emotional moment was about Malia and her father Peter Hale. She had to dig deep to get the attention of her father who had been taken by the ghost riders for the second time.

As she called "dad" with all her power, it moved many hearts and "Riders on the Storm" did give viewers many scenes that will stay etched in their memories. It saw the train getting rerouted, the nazis defeated and turned into ghost rider who disappeared at last and all the people in the train station went back to their lives.

"Teen Wolf" Season 6 returns in summer with the remaining half of the final season.

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