They have not yet set a date for their wedding and don't seem to be planning on doing so at all in 2017, prompting another round of rumors that The Bachelor season 20 star Ben Higgins and his fiancee Lauren Bushnell are headed for a split.

A source spoke to Us Weekly, saying that while the pair hadn't yet officially called it quits on their relationship, a split was definitely on it's way.

"...a breakup has been coming for awhile," the source said. "They don't get along. She's told people recently how hard it is. He's a great guy, but they should split."

In addition, Bushnell allegedly added fuel to the rumors in January after heading for a weekend in Nashville with Higgins, as well as a trip to Mexico on Jan. 31, where she reportedly not only left her fiance behind, but her 4.25 carat engagement ring as well.

The two also spoke to the magazine themselves back in January and said they weren't sure what their future held, and if it would feature them marrying anytime soon.

"I feel like the last year of our life has been a blur honestly," Bushnell said at the time. "Both of us are in this limbo of what's going to happen next. I think we're just focusing on ourselves and what it is we're passionate about and what we want to do. I have a blog and it's like, 'Where do I want to take that? What direction?' It's going to be hopefully a creative year and also one of those years where we just focus on each other and ourselves also, and what our future looks like."

"I'd love to say that we have a wedding planned, a date planned that I could tell you, 'Hey this is when it's happening.' We don't," Higgins added. "People have watched us get engaged but one of the things that we've learned post-Bachelor is that it's important to get to know each other too and that's what Lauren and I want to do. We don't want to keep jumping to the next thing because before you know it we'll look back in five years and be like, 'What in the heck did we just do?'"

However, despite the rumor they were now headed for a split, Higgins has put the rumor to rest by posting a photo of himself and Bushnell on Instagram, saying that they were still very much together and still very much in love.

"No need to respond often to rumors or 'fake news' but the feeling I have in this picture is the same feeling I have for this girl today. We have entered into a world where rumors will exist we know that, but just know as @laurenbushnell celebrates her birthday tomorrow I am still extremely lucky to be able to share life with her and be by her side," he captioned the shot.

Bushnell has not addressed the speculation.