'Kingdom Hearts 3' Release Date & Update: Launch Leaks On Reddit, Game Might Be Up By 2018! More Game Details Revealed

Gamers are very excited to learn about Square Enix's "Kingdom Hearts 3" updates. Ever since the concept of "KH 3" has been released, the hype for the game has been very high. However, very few official details have been revealed by Square Enix, leaving room for unofficial reports and speculations circulating on the internet.

One of the top things that gamers are curious about is the "Kingdom Hearts 3" release date. Square Enix has yet to release an official release date for "KH 3." However, iDigital Times reports that several leaks have been circulating that the game's release date might be slated next year.

The said "Kingdom Hearts 3" release date leak reportedly stemmed from a Reddit thread. However, even the said Reddit thread posted a disclaimer telling the readers to take the speculations with a grain of salt. With this in mind, release date details of Square Enix's much talked-about game goes back to square one.

The unverified information about "Kingdom Hearts 3" has pretty much took the gamers by storm especially since the alleged leaked details presented very enticing information. According to the Reddit thread, Square Enix plans to unveil the game anytime now until Mar. 2018 and is expected to be fully playable by Aug. 2018. Further, the game developers have already finished creating and designing the zones, which are allegedly very beautiful.

Although the abovementioned "Kingdom Hearts 3" update remains to be confirmed by Square Enix, game director, Tetsuya Nomura, has recently given an update about the game's progress. In an interview with Famitsu via KH Insider, Nomura revealed, although quite vaguely, that the highly anticipated game is already in process.

Tetsuya Nomura further explained that the game development team are focusing on one world at a time before proceeding to the next. This statement might have been issued to downplay "Kingdom Hearts 3" game delay issues.


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