'Riverdale' Season 4 Spoilers, News & Update: Betty Forms A Truce With Cheryl, Works With Jughead To Solve Murder Case

Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge were very popular characters in the "Archie" Comics. After several years of existing in the world of comics, it was finally ordered to be a live-action series in The CW.

"Riverdale" is considered to be fairly new since it aired its premiere episode on Jan. 26, 2017. The series production began in May 2016. While the characters from the "Archie" comics have pretty much followed through in the "Riverdale" series, some tweaks and twists are to be expected in the live-action series.

One of the original characters in the "Archie" comics who are given a major tweak in the series is Betty Cooper, who is played by actress Lili Reinhart. According to TV Line, Lili Reinhart spilled a major clue about her characters in an interview.

"Oh my God, [Betty] lets loose, let me tell you!" Lili Reinhart said. "She lets loose pretty early in the season, which is going to be amazing," she added. In the "Archie" comics, Betty is known as the perfect, goody two shoes, girl next door.

In "Riverdale," Betty's mother is depicted as a controlling, domineering mother that pushes the beautiful blonde on the brink of having mental-health problems and built-up anger. Future episodes will follow through the pent-up issues of Betty as she struggles to be a perfect daughter.

"Riverdale" also gets a "Mean Girls" dose as a shame book emerges at Riverdale High which leads to the possible truce between Betty and Cheryl. The emergence of the shame book makes the events more interesting, topping off the unsolved murder mystery case. The alliance of Betty and Jughead via the school paper is expected to give the gang more leads to solve the murder case.

Meanwhile, Veronica Lodge's bossy get-down-to-business attitude still carries on into the live-action series as Paste Magazine reports that she refuses to be shot down and degraded by the emergence of the shameful playbook. Will the murder mystery case be solved in the next episode? Catch "Riverdale" Episode 4 on Feb. 16 on The CW.


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