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How to Keep Your Hair From Falling Flat Before The End of The Day

Short hair, don't care is one thing, but flat hair can't be ignored. Take the steps outline below to keep your hair from becoming a droopy mess.

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Hair that looks good all day
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Get ready in a hurry?! Taking too long to straighten your hair? Asavea Straightener Brush is your next best bet.
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We all want what we haven't got and often times that desire is for perfect hair. Hair that looks good all damn day, doesn't lose body or become a frizzy jumble. Is it possible to go from unruly and chaotic to lush perfection? Yes, it is, but you've got to do the work. Here are the steps we take to keep our tresses on point.

Start the night before.

 Brush or comb your hair before bed and put it in a loose topknot. The topknot will give you volume and keep your hair from getting tangled. Just be sure to secure the knot with a loose band or clip-the last thing you want is the dreaded hairband crease.

Sleep in satin.

 Don't just pass out in bed at night and wonder why your hair looks like hell the next morning. Invest in a satin pillowcase or bonnet. The satin will protest you style and won't suck the moisture out of your hair the way a cotton pillowcase will.

Don't over do it with the product.

 Hair products are like makeup-too much is too much. Re-washing your hair is the only recourse once you've gone to far with the crèmes, gels and sprays. Start will a little product and add more as needed.

Get the right tools.

 This one is a no brainer. The wrong tools will damage your strands making a perfect hair day near impossible. Get a wide-tooth comb for conditioning and detangling. Get a gentle brush that doesn't pull or cause damage. Boar bristles are best.

Heat style with care.

 The importance of using the right heat-styling tools cannot be minimized. Gone are the days of contorting to flatiron that unreachable strip of hair on the back of your head. Modernize your routine and get a heat-styling brush. Asavea's Hair Straightening Brush with MCH Technology is our favorite. We won't bore you with an explanation of "MCH technology"-just know it will keep your hair frizz free. The brush maintains a consistent temperature and the seven heat settings will help prevent you from burning your strands. Don't be shocked when this brush helps cut your flat ironing time in half. Not to mention, we're obsessed with the rose gold color.

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