Kate Middleton Livid Over Rumors Of Camilla Parker-Bowles Flirting With Her Dad Michael Middleton

Some of Camilla Parker-Bowles' public action can be pretty appalling. Seen to be "flirting" Michael Middleton in front of the very eyes of the Duchess of Cambridge, Camilla Parker Bowles has broken some breaches in the royal family.

Reportedly, Kate Middleton doesn't like Camilla Parker Bowles chatting with her father Michael Middleton openly. Why do the two of them talk to each other during royal and family functions and events? Kate is not able to see the two of them hanging out with each other.

But was that really happening? Camilla Parker-Bowles' behavior was pretty obvious, according to New Idea magazine: "Whenever they're in the same room, she makes a beeline straight for him and flirts outrageously," reported the magazine. But it also added that Michael Middleton is a "devoted family man." So he would certainly not think of flirting with any woman who is married, or the wife of the future king, as it happens!

Moreover, there are rumors that Camilla Parker-Bowles may be flirting only to provoke Kate Middleton. The two of them haven't seen eye to eye for years, and Camilla does not take kindly to the fact that Kate Middleton gets so much attention from the media.

Although Kate Middleton does not want Camilla Parker-Bowles to come near her family, she cannot voice her displeasure openly, as it would only give a beating to her public image, according to Yahoo.

Moreover, there are even rumors that some trouble is brewing in the marriage between Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles. The two have shown some signs of a dinner argument last week. As Camilla is said to be "fun-loving", she might be trying to make Prince Charles jealous, say gossip mongers. Buckingham Palace has never made any public comments about the two, but there are indeed speculations. Maybe Camilla is indeed flirting with Michael Middleton.


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