Queen Elizabeth Does Not Like Something In The Prince Harry-Meghan Markle Affair, Reports Say

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may have found their 'ideal' mate in each other. They have also got the blessings and approval of the royal family. Rumors whisper that the Queen has come round to accepting the couple. Though it took Kate Middleton much longer - about 10 years - of regular dating to get completely accepted by the Queen, Meghan seemed to have found quicker approval.

The Queen certainly doesn't like one thing though about the entire affair. She does not like the concept of them living together - even before they are officially engaged - if at all they want to get engaged, that is.

Still, the couple does not seem to care too much for it, as they have already "moved in together" and are said to be "nesting." It is a modern prince and princess who seem to abide by modern rules, instead of setting them like the royalty of yore.

With Prince Harry and Meghan Markle enjoying each other's company, even under the public eye, they set out to have a holiday in Norway, but are now back in London's Kensington Palace, according to celebdirtylaundry.  

Prince Harry's grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, certainly does not want to invite more scandal, yet these two have already opened the gates for enough of those. She also seems to be strong on sticking to "tradition." Even as the rest of the world splinters and splits hairs on 'cultural tradition', Queen Elizabeth is firm about the British tradition, especially marriage, sex and lineage. She hasn't broken any of the rules that have been set up about those, even if her children and grandchildren have.

With Meghan deciding to live in London until she leaves for a charity tour to India with World Vision, she seems to be living indoors with Prince Harry, enjoying their time indoors together.

It is not clear whether Meghan needs to be hanging in at Kensington Palace most of the time. Queen Elizabeth has already been firm about barring Meghan from enjoying certain advantages in the royal family. Hence, she did not invite Meghan to spend Christmas with him at Sandringham House like the rest of the royals.

Still, Meghan is whispered to be shacking up with Harry even in the 'love nest' for the couple. The pair was said to be already living it up in the estate's Nottingham Cottage.


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