"Teen Wolf" Season 6B offers to be a potential treat for fans looking to see some return appearances in the show. Executive producer Jeff Davis has teased the return of some characters as he said that viewers are going to witness people they have not seen in a long time.

"Teen Wolf" Season 6B might prove to be a comeback for some characters. According to Carter Matt, there are a few candidates that fit in this returning category. Colton Haynes is one highly favored name as his would be a cameo viewers would go crazy after. The factors working against him are the long time he has been absent from the show and that there has been very little talk regarding his return after he left.

Daniel Sharman and Crystal Reed are also sought-after candidates for "Teen Wolf" Season 6B. The former was one of the most overlooked members and thus, deserves a return while the latter would be a delight to watch. The only glitch is that she is dead. Jill Wagner, who was a prominent adversary on the show would serve as a pleasant surprise too and same goes for Tyler Hoechlin. Also, Hoechlin has the brightest chances of return even if it is for a short while.

In related news, executive producer has said that the abrupt ending of midseason finale of Season 6 was a planned thing, TVLine claimed. He said that they did not want to have a tag at the end leading into "Teen Wolf" Season 6B. Clearly, he was in no mood to reveal spoilers but he did say that viewers are going to have some appearances in the final season of people they have not seen in a long time.

Well, one of those people in "Teen Wolf" Season 6B could be Scott's father as he received a little shout-out in the closing scene of the midseason finale. According to Davis, Agent McCall would re-enter the scenario out of necessity and viewers will see the city of Beacon Hills thrown into a little chaotic state. This is why he will be back as an agent first and father second.