'One Piece' Chapter 857 News Update: Jinbe Divulged Scheme That Will Destroy Sanji, Pudding Wedding [VIDEO]

"One Piece" patrons have been waiting for the forthcoming chapter of their favorite manga series. "One Piece" Chapter 857 is expected to feature Jinbe's scheme in destroying Sanji and Pudding's wedding at Whole Cake Island.

According to Korea Portal the previous chapter of "One Piece" finally featured the much-awaited get-together of Sanji and Luffy. It can be remembered that Sanji strongly insisted that he doesn't have any interest in returning to Straw Hats since he already decided to marry Pudding.

Nonetheless, the readers know that Sanji only said that to save Luff's life from any danger in the hands of Big Mom. But then there have been reports that the previous chapter of "One Piece" had indicated that Sanji already revealed his true interest in going back to the crew. With that scenario, they have decided to bury the hatchet of their former encounter as Luffy greeted him with a warm welcome.

As for the "One Piece" Chapter 857, MobiPicker has noted that after Luffy and Sanji's reunion, they have finally made the decision to destroy the wedding that will soon happen at the Whole Cake Island. This plan of Luffy and Sanji is presently speculated to be executed in the next chapter of "One Piece". The two are also predicted to obtain help from their cronies in turning the Whole Cake Island into a battlefield.

Aside from that, it was also worth mentioning that in the previous chapter of "One Piece" Jinbe already talked about a plot that will turn Sanji and Pudding's wedding an intense battle. It can be remembered that Jinbe has started this topic in an interview, but he didn't get the opportunity to completely clarify it during the talk. What is known so far is the plan that almost killed Pekoms, but then Jinbe arrived in a perfect timing to save him.

With Luffy and Sanji's reunion, it seems that the wedding destruction plan will really take place at "One Piece" Chapter 857. Moreover, these are based on the speculations and advised to be taken with a pinch of salt.

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