'Suits' Season 6 Finale Spoilers: Will Donna’s Trouble Ends In Disaster? Someone Pulling Out Mike From His Dream [VIDEO]


With less than a week left for USA Network's legal drama television series, "Suits" to air its finale episode for season 6, several speculations have already been appearing online which contains the possible scenarios that fans are going to see. Viewers are also looking forward to the future of the different characters on the series.

On the last episode of "Suits" season 6 aired the other day titled "Quid Pro Quo," fans saw Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) on his struggles to keep his relationship with his new found love going. Aside from this, Mike Ross (Patrick Adams) found a way to keep the miners' case on the table, and his needs to become a legitimate lawyer has just risened.

According to Forbes, the character that was being highlighted on the previous episode of "Suits" season 6 was Sarah Rafferty's character, Donna Paulsen. From the beginning season of the series, viewers and fans reportedly wondered Donna's significance on the show. But on the scenarios showed on the fifteenth episode, viewers finally know the importance of having the character on the drama series.

As a close friend and confidant of Gabriel Macht's character on "Suits" season 6, Harvey Specter, Donna is also his legal secretary and has worked with him since he was in the District Attorney's office working as an Assistant District Attorney. They moved to Pearson Hardman together and Donna was the only character in the series to know almost everything that's going on with Harvey's life, including private conversations and even details of his relationship and other stuff about his personal life.

However, viewers have seen Donna on "Suits" season 6 to kind of experience a midlife crisis. It has been reported that Harvey's legal assistant has always wanted to be more than just his assistant. When she overheard a conversation of two businessmen talking about how they fulfilled Harvey's request to have a meeting, Donna immediately realized that she wanted to step up and aspire greater things.

Because of this, fans are wondering how this decision of Donna could affect the things that are about to happen on "Suits" season 6 finale. Some have speculated that this would turn to a disastrous situation, most especially for Harvey. If Donna decided to leave Pearson Hardman for greater pasture, this would affect Harvey knowing he almost can't do things without Donna telling him what to do.

Aside from that, also going to be featured on the upcoming "Suits" season 6 finale is Mike's road to becoming a legitimate lawyer. According to TV Guide, the official synopsis of the sixteenth episode mentioned an impossible obstacle that Mike is going to get through on his way to his journey.

Fans are going to find out what this obstacle is on the upcoming finale of "Suits" season 6, airing on March 1, 2017, on USA Network.

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