"Criminal Minds" Season 12 offers something serious for its viewers so fans should not miss this military crime drama offering from CBS network. The series features an elite team from the Federal Bureau of Investigation whose primary job is to analyze the most twisted and perverted criminal minds in the country in order to stop them. During episode 13, Spencer Reid played by Matthew Gray Gubler, was indicted for murder.

"Criminal Minds" season 12 promises to be more exciting for fans especially with another 22 episodes for the twelfth season. Last February 22 episode 14 on Collision Course saw the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) investigating the increasing deadly car crash incidents involving people in Bradenton, Florida. Fans could not, however, take their minds off Spencer Reid.

More bad news for Spencer Reid in "Criminal Minds" season 12 last episode as it looked like he will be spending more time in jail, according to The USA Times. The legal bureau failed to provide legal services to Spencer Reid so Emily Prentiss, former BAU Supervisory Special Agent, offered to help by looking for someone to take his case.

"Criminal Minds" season 12 Defense lawyer Jeananne Goossen, however, brought more bad news when she said Spencer Reid's case looked bad as his files do not show his innocence at all. After all, his fingerprints were found on the blade used to kill the victim.

"Criminal Minds" season 12 episode 15 on Alpha Male will be shown next, but still with no hope for Spencer Reid, as per iTech Post. He has to get used to an American prison where he will be transferred. He also has to contend with the antagonistic inmates waiting for him.

Those who have to be somewhere else during "Criminal Minds" season 12 next episode should try their best to stay at home if they don't want to miss Spencer Reid's struggle against his lawyers' advice to plead guilty. His lawyer said Reid would only serve up to five years in jail if he pleaded guilty. Reid wanted to prove his innocence, but the judge denied his request for bail.