The giant humanoids are back in the coming "Attack on Titan" Season 2. However, details about the animated series remain scarce, as the sequel's director Tetsurō Araki keeps mum about it. But, there is some little teasers and information surfacing online.

Fans of the manga series already knew what will happen next in "Attack on Titan" Season 2. With the help of his new abilities, Eren Yeager will win against the Female Titan.

But, he is still afraid of their fate as there are a number of titans close to Wall Rose in "Attack on Titan" Season 2, Korea Portal reported. The lives of the last few survivors remain in danger with the threat of the Titans breaking the wall.

Moreover, Polygon recently reported the official return of "Attack on Titan" Season 2 as confirmed by Funimation. The television series adaptation of Hajime Isayama original will be once again seen on the small screens on April 1.

Before the official announcement, Funimation gave a glimpse of "Attack on Titan" Season 2 on the last quarter of 2016. In the trailer, a new breed of Titans was seen along with the introduction of the "Beast Titan," a hairy giant humanoid.

Meanwhile, the publication added Shinganshina city is still being plagued with a lot of Titans in "Attack on Titan" Season 2. It still remains unknown where these creatures came from and why they have been harming the people.

The last few survivors are now being protected by three large walls; Wall Maria, Wall Rose and Wall Sheena. But, in "Attack on Titan" Season 2, there is a great danger coming for all. Eren Yeager. Mikasa and Armin are all back to defend everyone against these flesh-eating monsters.

To recall, the first wall is already destroyed and it looks like the second one will be next in "Attack on Titan" Season 2. On the other hand, there is cryptic, puzzling message in the synopsis of the second chapter.

"Titans have been protecting us from other Titans this whole time," Polygon noted about "Attack on Titan" Season 2. Hence, some deem that there are worse things to come in the return of the second installment on April 1.