"Dance Moms" Season 7B gets more and more intriguing per episode not only because of the impressive dancing skills but also because of Abby Lee Miller, who is on the brink of being held in jail for fraud. Once the sentence for her fraud case is finalized, Abby Lee Miller will reportedly be required to spend up to more than two years in jail.

Initially, the diva in "Dance Moms" Season 7B, Abby Lee Miller, was supposed to receive her final sentencing on Feb. 24. However, it was pulled out from the court calendar due to a government initiated request. According to Deadline, a federal judge in Pittsburgh moved Abby Lee Miller's final sentencing on March 8.

"Dance Moms" Season 7B fans are divided with some cheering for Abby Lee Miller's extended freedom, while some are also getting impatient with the verdict and wants the controversial host to be out of the show. Abby Lee Miller's fate will be greatly depending on the final sentencing scheduled on March 8 and the fate of "Dance Moms" Season 8 will be affected as well. Should the verdict of Abby Lee Miller's fraud case be contested by her lawyers, a further in-depth hearing is reportedly allowed to be held on March 9.

Fans of "Dance Moms" Season 7B were elated to find out that Abby Lee Miller's final sentencing has been rescheduled because it would mean that the 50-year old founder of the Abby Lee Dance Company (ALBD) might get to finish filming until the end of the season. However, Abby Lee Miller's fate in "Dance Moms" Season 8 remains to be determined, depending on her case's verdict.

According to Cinema Blend, "Dance Moms" Season 8 could either push through without Abby Lee Miller or be delayed depending on how her case verdict turns out. Do you think "Dance Moms" Season 7B will be Abby Lee Miller's last appearance before facing jail time? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!