Survivor: Game Changers: Will Troyzan Robertson Turn His Luck Around In Season 34? [POLL, VIDEO]

Troyzan Robertson is certainly hoping for a better outcome on Survivor: Game Changers than his first experience on the reality series.

Troyzan is one of 20 castaways brought back to compete in Survivor: Game Changers, the show's 34th season. Originally appearing in Survivor: One World, Troyzan has been waiting 10 seasons to finally return to the show he loves.

Survivor has been an up and down experience for Troyzan, even after One World ended. He started off on the men's tribe where he quickly formed an alliance of older guys and misfits that dominated until the tribe swap, where Troyzan would get into an alliance with Kim Spradlin and Chelsea Meissner.

After the merge, it became clear that the women weren't interested in working with the men and picked them off one by one. Troyzan grew frustrated and agitated with the women, particularly Kim and Chelsea, and resolved to play the game on his own. He won an Immunity Challenge but one Tribal Council later he was voted off, coming in eighth place. At Final Tribal Council, it was clear that Troyzan felt betrayed by Kim and Chelsea and was one of only two people to vote for Sabrina Thompson to win over Kim.

Troyzan was then eligible to come back for Survivor: Cambodia - Second Chance but he was not voted in by the fans. Luckily for Troyzan there's no fan vote this time around and he's raring to go for Game Changers.

"I'm mentally stronger and more prepared to be a social person around my tribe in camp life and the game, in general," Troyzan says in his CBS bio, of how he's changed since One World. "I'm more aware that most castaways play this as a 'game' and don't play it as real life, so I must adapt to that way of thinking."

The 54-year-old also wants to implement the strategy of keeping bigger targets in the game.

"I've realized this is an 'outwit' game more than anything else. I'll try to keep the bullseye off my back by not showing ALL my cards, like the last time I played," he says. "And, at all costs, ALWAYS in ALL ways keep a person around who's a bigger target than myself. Keep your friends close and kiss your enemies!"

Survivor: Game Changers premieres Wednesday, March 8 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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