The previous chapter of the highly popular manga series, "Fairy Tail," saw the arrival of Acnologia in the middle of the battlefield. The arrival of the legendary Black Dragon has put a wrench into everyone's plans as he reveals his intention to end everything as he explains his disinterest with the world. Despite the arrival of the cataclysmically powerful dragon slayer, the latest chapter, "Fairy Tail" chapter 525, will still feature the battle between Zeref and Natsu.

Natsu and Zeref's rematch at the Fairy Tail Guild's headquarters are still on. The brothers had actually sensed Acnologia's arrival, which led them to decide to end their battle quickly. Zeref has the intention of ending Natsu's life in order to get the Fairy Heart, a power that will allow him to defeat Acnologia and save the world. Fans will certainly witness several revelations in "Fairy Tail" chapter 525.

Meanwhile, August attempts to unravel Gildarts by killing and parading his daughter, Cana, in front of him. Gildarts is shocked by how far August will go, but the shock is expected to turn into anger in "Fairy Tail" chapter 525. So far August and his companions have been unable to defeat August, the strongest of the Spriggan 12.

According to Games and Anime, the title for "Fairy Tail" chapter 525, "Why Was His Majesty's Child Not Loved?," also hints at the possibility of several flashbacks that will be taking readers to Zeref's past life. The flashbacks may also finally reveal the identity of Zeref's child. This would also mean that Acnologia may not necessarily be the focal point of the next chapter.

In related news, "Fairy Tail" is set to make its big comeback to the big screen in the form of the franchise's upcoming new feature film titled "Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry." The manga's creator Hiro Mishima is apparently very much involved in the project. A report from Otaku Vines has also revealed that the manga itself may be reaching its final arc, called the "Last Arc." "Fairy Tail" chapter 525 will be published in the next issue of the Weekly Shounen Jump Magazine.