'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 81 Spoilers: Super Saiyan Goku Faces Giant Bergamo, Main Tournament Battles to Commence [VIDEO]

Seeing as that the exhibition matches that involved Buu and Son Gohan have now concluded, fans are now ready to see the strongest Super Saiyan in the world finally stepping inside the ring. The next episode of the highly popular anime television series, "Dragon Ball Super" episode 81, is set to feature Son Goku facing off against Universe 9's strongest warrior in an all-out battle for survival.

The anime's Universal Survival arc is shaping up to be quite an interesting turn of events for the Z warriors as they now have to defend their very universe from complete annihilation. The Omni-King's "Tournament of Power" battle royale is now well underway, and the different representatives from the various universes must now fight in order to save their worlds from total destruction. "Dragon Ball Super" episode 81 is definitely going to be pretty exciting.

According to Comic Book, much of the events that will be transpiring in the upcoming new episode, "Dragon Ball Super" episode 81, have already been outlined by the previously released sneak peek video. The next episode will be showcasing the battle between Son Goku and the wolf-like creature named Bergamo. The two warriors will reportedly be going at it with their full strength.

Bergamo is shown in the "Dragon Ball Super" episode 81 trailer to be able to transform himself into a giant, while Goku will unleash his Super Saiyan form to compensate. A report from Korea Portal reveals that Bergamo will have a lot of tricks up his sleeve in his fight against Goku. The strongest warrior of Universe 9 is apparently able to deflect any attacks against him and use it against his opponent.

Given that several scenes of the "Dragon Ball Super" episode 81 trailer do show Beerus looking quite surprised, there will likely be some very amazing scenes that will be showcased for fans. Goku's match with Bergamo will essentially be the final match up for the tournament's exhibition trails, which means that things are only going to get more intense as the actual high-stakes battles will be taking place.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 81 titled " Crusher Bergamo vs. Son Goku! Which Has Sky-High Strength?!" is scheduled to air on Sunday, March 5 on Fuji TV.

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