"Prison Break" Season 2 will start to air on April 4 featuring Michael and Lincoln's return. The upcoming season of the TV series will reportedly showcase a darker storyline as hinted by a recently released poster of the show.

According to Den of Geek, the "Prison Break" Season 5 is now established to return on April 4 consisting of nine episodes. It also appears that Michael and Lincoln will be going through serious problems when they return to the screen.

Furthermore, The Christian Post has noted that the recently released poster of "Prison Break" Season 5 having a statement "First, it was a prison. Now, it's a nation" is actually teasing the avid viewers a darker storyline for the upcoming season. With this, it appears that the brothers will go through a lot more hurdles as Lincoln convince his friends to help with Michael's jail-breaking plan.

It is pretty obvious that the "Prison Break" Season 5 will be presenting the reunion of Michael with Lincoln. The patrons are also expecting to see Michael's reconsolidation with Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies) and his son. Nevertheless, this plot is not yet confirmed and should be taken with a grain of salt. After all, Sara is already wedded to someone else.

The audiences of "Prison Break" Season 5 could also look forward to the introduction of Inbar Lavi. It can be remembered that formerly it was revealed that Lavi will play the role of Sheba who is a Yemeni activist. Moreover, it is still uncertain how she will touch Michael's scrape but she is believed to be someone who will be involved with Lincoln.

Earlier this month, Lavi divulged that Sheba's story will be important. She even stated that Sheba's story is something that should be open to the world. "We have to give these people a voice now more than ever, and I am so, so, so delighted and proud to be able to be that voice for them," Lavi further added.

The "Prison Break" Season 5 which was previously expected to premiere in January is now confirmed to air starting April 4. This season is consists of nine exciting episodes to watch over.