A lot of fans are now getting pretty excited for the return of "Teen Wolf" Season 6 after its mid-season break. One reason being is that it was previously teased that some old characters may appear again the final episodes of the hit MTV show.

However, there were also hints that other characters might receive limited roles in the upcoming installments of "Teen Wolf" Season 6. One, in particular, is Victoria Moroles' Hayden Romero - though this still needs further confirmation and it should be taken with a grain of salt.

Moroles, on her talk with the recent Hometown to Hollywood podcast, has revealed that she had been very busy lately with her schedule. The 20-year-old actress talked about how she had just wrapped up her filming for the 2017 movie "Down a Dark Hall." Because of this latest information, some couldn't help but wonder about her appearance in "Teen Wolf" Season 6.

"I feel like I'm right back where I started because I was just filming a movie for almost three months," she said, as relayed by MoviePilot. Further saying that she recently took a month off from her schedule to spend time with her family. "I came back here and pilot season started, and I had four auditions this week," Moroles added.

The actress did not exactly go into details about the hit MTV show. More importantly, she did not drop any hints on whether or not she would appear in the second half of "Teen Wolf" Season 6. That being said, it's best for fans to stay tuned for further news regarding Moroles' future appearance on the show.

Meanwhile, show creator Jeff Davis has recently teased some interesting events that will happen in "Teen Wolf" Season 6. While speaking with TV Line, Davis revealed that fans will see people who have previously worked on the series in the upcoming episodes.

He did not, unfortunately, reveal any specifics but there are several rumors and speculations circulating lately. One theory, in particular, is Crystal Reed's return in "Teen Wolf" Season 6, as Enstarz previously reported.

No official confirmation yet if Reed will actually return in "Teen Wolf" Season 6. More news about the matter should surface soon.