‘Agents of SHIELD’ Season 4 Spoilers: Leaked Set Photo Briefly Teases Quake & Ward’s Life Inside Framework


A new set of photos for the upcoming third arc for Marvel's "Agents of SHIELD" Season 4 has been leaked online. It features a brief glimpse of what is Daisy "Quake" Johnson's (Chloe Bennet) life inside the framework along with Grant Ward (Brett Dalton).

The latest "Agents of SHIELD" Season 4 spoiler photo was posted online by BrettDalton.org on Twitter. It seemingly implies that Quake is somehow comfortable with Framework Ward judging by how he was holding her by the waist.

It is also unclear on whether or not this version of Ward in "Agents of SHIELD" Season 4 is any different to his real-life counterpart. As what some fans may remember, Ward was actually a mole of Hydra inside the spy company during the Hydra Uprising arc in Season 1.

As for the location, it seems like the two are inside of an establishment; possibly a mall, airport or even a former SHIELD quarters. But this just based on speculations, though, as it is hard to pinpoint any specifics in the recent "Agents of SHIELD" Season 4 spoiler photo.

In "Agents of SHIELD" Season 4, fans will get introduced to a new arc after L.M.D. (Life-Model Decoy), which ended on Episode 15, Enstarz reported. The new story arc is going to be called "Agents of Hydra." It will revolve around the idea of what the world would look like if the underground terrorist group takes over everything.

The takeover of Hydra, which is set to happen on "Agents of SHIELD" Season 4 Episode 16, is pretty extreme. Many photos have recently surfaced on the internet, showing several hints that the organization is everywhere - much like the new Big Brother.

As apparent on the photos posted by a Twitter user, Gingy7891, it seems like the terrorist group wants to remind everyone that Hydra is in charge. The post consists of a couple of posters from Hydra, detailing a "New World Order" and the organization's fight against the Inhumans.

"Agents of SHIELD" Season 4 third arc, Agents of Hydra, is scheduled to kick off on Episode 16 titled "What if..." The episode is set to air on ABC on April 4, 2017.

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