"Criminal Minds" Season 12 episode 16 will see leading star Spencer Reid still behind bars. The wise man in the Behavioural Analysis Unit is slowly learning the reality of prison life.

In the upcoming episode titled "Assistance Is Futile," Spencer Reid, played by Matthew Gray Gubler, will be become the target of thugs in the prison who has no better thing to do than beat their fellow inmates. In "Criminal Minds" Season 12, it seems imperative that Reid will get used to the lifestyle behind the bars so he can survive according to Starzpost.

Spencer Reid's friend inside the prison cell, Calvin, portrayed by Harold Perrineau, will be a great help to the Behavioural Analysis Unit genius. In "Criminal Minds" Season 12 episode 16, Calvin will help Reid to be familiar with the rules inside. In the upcoming episode's promo, Calvin will reveal the role of being a predator or a prey. Reid will now choose what role he would allow himself to play inside the prison cell.

Dubbed as the genius in the Behavioural Analysis Unit, it is expected that Spencer Reid has more brains than brawns. However, with Calvin's help, Reid will be able to prove his innocence on the crime that he has been accused of. Other members of the BAU have one suspect in mind according to TV Fanatic. Will they be able to prove in "Criminal Minds" Season 12 episode 16 that Mr Scratch is guilty?

In the promo teaser, Spencer Reid is seen expecting a beating from two fierce looking prisoners. However, viewers of the "Criminal Minds" Season 12 episode 16 will see the teamwork between the Boy Genius and the Boy Wonder so Reid can live long enough. "Assistance Is Futile" episode, directed by Leon Ichaso, and written by Virgil Williams will air on March 15, 9 p.m. ET on CBS.