"Prison Break" Season 5 series creator has been teasing fans on social media on what to expect of the hit serial drama. Fans are apprehensive that there confirmed deaths among the characters.

According to some reports, Wentworth Miller will be back on "Prison Break" Season 5 but not to reprise his role. Now, fans are wondering, if Wentworth Miller will not be Michael Scofield, then who will he be? Such speculation came from Paul T. Scheuring's tweet that says Michael is dead and he cannot be hurt. He also teased that whoever will be the character of Wentworth Miller could possibly get hurt in season 5.

"Prison Break" Season 5 series creator, Paul T. Scheuring, has teased fans about deaths of certain characters. Will Michael Scofield be one of them? That might be an unlikely possibility since his character could be alive. However, there are rumours that some characters will meet death as they help Michael Scofield break from his prison in Yemen according to a report by Express.

Paul T. Scheuring goes on saying that fans should read "Odyssey" to learn about the plot of "Prison Break" Season 5. For those familiar with the literature piece, all characters who tried to save the protagonist have died.

"Prison Break" Season 5 is due for release on April 4. Some viewers cannot wait and has done some investigative works. According to a report by Travelers Today, Lincoln Burrows, portrayed by Dominic Purcell will die trying to save Michael Scofield. The speculation started when Paul T. Scheuring himself raised the question, "What if Linc does die?"

Who else do you think will die in "Prison Break" Season 5? What character will Wentworth Miller portray? Stay tuned with Enstarz for more updates on "Prison Break" Season 5.