A lot of fans are eagerly awaiting "One Piece" Chapter 858 air date. "One Piece" Chapter 858 spoilers reveal that Sanji might take a bite in the dust as he becomes devastated with the cancellation of his wedding. What's in store for the other characters in the upcoming episodes?

According to Droid Report, the highly-anticipated wedding of Sanji and Pudding might not push through in "One Piece" Chapter 858. Of course, the wedding cancellation is expected to devastate Sanji, who might be depicted as a more emotional character in the upcoming "One Piece" episodes. Meanwhile, the reason for the possible wedding cancellation remains undisclosed. Considering that Sanji and Pudding's supposed wedding is only a product of Big Mom's arranged marriage, fans have grown to love their tandem and wish to see them get married.

Although fans are seemingly dreading to see Sanji get his heart broken in "One Piece" Chapter 858, there is still a possibility that the wedding will push through at the right time in future chapters.  This would mean that the fans who are rooting for Sanji and Pudding's love story might have to extend their patience until they can see their favorite characters get married.

On another note, there are reports circulating that there might be a new character to be introduced in "One Piece" Chapter 858.  The said new character is reportedly named as Capone "Gang" Bege and is a notorious personality in the underworld. His arrival in the world of Luffy and the gang is expected to bring in more chaos and adventures.

Capone "Gang" Bege is reportedly the head of Five Great Families of the West and has been blessed with a specialty of eliminating the boss of any group that dares to go against him. "One Piece" Chapter 858 spoilers predict that there is a great chance that Capone and Luffy will go head to head in future episodes.

However, there are also predictions that Luffy and Capone might team up to defeat Big Mom. According to Korea Portal, Luffy and Capone might meet and come to a decision to form an alliance to defeat Big Mom. It's going to be an exciting ride ahead for "One Piece" Chapter 858. Stay tuned to Enstars for more "One Piece" news and updates!