'Dance Moms' News: Abby Lee Miller Breaks Down, Blames Herself For Taking Bad Advice

"Dance Moms" news reveal more controversy pointing to Abby Lee Miller's looming imprisonment. Although the verdict remains to be released by the court, viewers of "Dance Moms" have been getting eliciting mixed reactions towards the show. However, bad publicity is still publicity which might be the reason why "Dance Moms" remains to be one of the most popular show in the United States.

While Abby Lee Miller might show a strong and composed facade despite of her possible imprisonment, the 50-year old professional dance coach is reportedly scared of what might happen to her and her career should the verdict be not in her favor. According to Inside Edition, Abby Lee Miller has opened up about her fears and worries on facing a possible jail time for 30 months.

In an interview with the said media outlet, "Dance Moms"star, Abby Lee Miller, broke down and showed her vulnerable side as she expressed her fears and concerns about the possibility of going to prison. Abby Lee Miller was indicted on 20 counts of fraud after failing to report a total income of $775,000 as she filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2010. She pleaded guilty to the case and has admitted that she can blame no one but herself for the said move.

However, the "Dance Moms" star believes that she is not guilty of purposely cheating her way financially. Though she takes full responsibility for her actions, Abby Lee Miller emphasized that she was naive during that time and 'took bad advice without knowing about the consequences and repercussions of her action.

"I am expecting full responsibility. I was a dance teacher. I never knew anything more about what was going on at the front desk. I feel I took bad advice," Abby Lee Miller said. "I have lot to learn, I have to take the blame," she added.

As of writing, Abby Lee Miller is still part of "Dance Moms" but that might change depending on the verdict of her case. According to Korea Portal, the verdict for "Dance Moms" star, Abby Lee Miller, will be released on March 8. Stay tuned to Enstars for more "Dance Moms" news and updates!

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