Next week, another episode of ABC network's fairy tale mystery-adventure drama, "Once Upon A Time" season 6 is going to get aired on televisions. The series just premiered the start of its midseason episodes last Sunday but the different speculations on the events that are possibly appearing on the upcoming episode are already spreading online.

On the most recent episode of "Once Upon A Time" season 6 titled "Tougher Than The Rest", it featured Jennifer Morrison's character, Emma Swan and Lana Parrilla's Regina Mills, to find another way to escape from the Wish realm. They came across Pinocchio, portrayed by Eion Bailey, and he helped them find another option and created a new portal.

Emma and Regina then found their way back to Storybrooke on the previous episode of "Once Upon A Time" season 6. Giles Matthey's character, Gideon, then began explaining to his parents, Rumple (Mr. Gold) and Belle, that he wants to kill Emma so he can have her powers and kill the Black Fairy later. Even though Belle expressed her hesitation, the battle happened but Gideon failed to kill Emma. It was later revealed that Gideon will carry out with his plan with the help of his parents.

According to TV Line, there is an explanation why Gideon came back on "Once Upon A Time" season 6 and on why he is the one destined to kill Emma. Showrunners of the series revealed that the questions will be answered on one of the upcoming episodes that are yet to air. They added that the real question circulating on the two characters is why does Gideon need to kill Emma.

It was also mentioned that Gideon's return on "Once Upon A Time" season 6 could pave way for his parents, Rumple and Belle to get closer together. Aside from this, the second half of the show could reportedly make the viewers and fans remember that Rumple was a good father and is trying to get redemption from the mess he made in the previous episodes.

Promotional photos for the twelfth episode of "Once Upon A Time" season 6 was already officially released, as per TV Fanatic. Revealed on the photos were the possibility of Regina and Robin Hood's (Sean Maguire) second chance at love. Additionally, Colin O'Donoghue's Killian Jones and Josh Dallas' character David will put their friendship to test.

"Once Upon A Time" season 6 episode 12, titled "Murder Most Foul" airs March 12, 2017, on ABC.