"Criminal Minds" Season 12's ratings have reportedly declined significantly and progressively. Some critics attribute the drop to the #NoHotchNoWatch movement.

As a refresher, Thomas Gibson was kicked out of the show due to an incident with Virgil Williams, the producer and writer of "Criminal Minds" Season 12. During a late night shot, the 54-year-old actor called the attention of Williams because there was a line that was contradictory to previous lines. The writer reportedly insisted that the actor has to deliver it.

Thomas Gibson said that after he "tapped" the writer on the leg, they had an exchange of "choice words" which could have possibly hurt Williams. Aaron Hotchner actor said that he apologized the next day and continued filming for "Criminal Minds" Season 12. He was given a two-week suspension but was later kicked out of the show.

In an interview with People, Thomas Gibson said that his pride and reputation were hurt by the sudden dismissal. He has spent years building his career but with just a single incident, it was over. Since 2005, he has played the role of Aaron Hotchner. Now that he is not in "Criminal Minds" Season 12, fans are campaigning for the #NoHotchNoWatch movement.

The Wrap reported that Thomas Gibson's Aaron Hotchner has appeared in all 255 episodes of before "Criminal Minds" Season 12. He is the only character who has done so. Hotch plays the role of an FBI's chief of Behavioural Analysis Unit. Haley Brooks Hotchner, his wife, was killed by George Foyet. He had a girlfriend after two years but she later left in Season 10.

Thomas Gibson's avid fans seem to be taking the boycott of "Criminal Minds" Season 12. Do you think CBS and ABC need to rehire Gibson as Aaron Hotchner? Stay tuned to Enstarz for the latest news and update.