Cheating tools and GPS spoofing are nothing new when it comes to players who want to get ahead in the highly popular augmented reality mobile video game, "Pokémon Go." However, Niantic has been unleashing some big updates and stringent punishments that have somewhat decreased the number of cheaters and cheating tools within the game.

Despite this fact, numerous programmers and hackers are still finding ways to circumvent Niantic's efforts, which is why there are still a lot of "Pokémon Go" cheating tools out there for lazy players and those who don't really have the luxury to walk around and travel from place to place. One of the latest ones that have come out is the new hacked "Pokémon Go" app called the "Pokémon Go++."

A report from Mic reveals that the app itself is basically the original game that has been pre-hacked to include some very useful tools. One of the biggest advantages of the hacked version of the "Pokémon Go" mobile game is that players will be able to control their avatar with a joystick embedded right into the interface.

This allows players to walk around, without actually having to leave the house. This serves a lot of advantages of course as it will allow players to maintain their gyms, hatch eggs, collect from Pokéstops and catch Pokémon right in the comfort of their own homes.

First and foremost, there is still a very big possibility that Niantic may permanently ban the account should they catch on that the user is using a hacked version of their game. Secondly, installing the app requires a few steps, which could possibly brick a device if done incorrectly.

According to iBlog Apple, the "Pokémon Go++" has been tested to work on the latest version of "Pokémon Go," specifically on "Pokémon Go" 1.27.4. Installing the app requires users to download the IPA file itself and then sideload it onto any iOS device using Cydia Impactor. Those who are already familiar with jailbreaking should have no problems sideloading the app, but it still has to be mentioned that the game needs to be loaded every seven days after its certificate expires.