The "Pokemon" fans have something to look forward to starting early next month and this has something to do with a new distribution. Latest reports claimed that Target stores all over the US and Canada will be providing downloadable codes for Charizard which will be added to copies of "Pokemon" Sun and Moon.

Reports from Silicon Era added that with the latest update, the Charizard will arrive in the game at level 50 and the player will be able to know the moves Flare Blitz, Fly, Dragon Dance, and Earthquake. This added copies of "Pokemon" Sun and Moon will also be holding a Red Card item which has the power to remove the Pokemon of the opponent from the battle and changes it with a different one on their part and if their Charizard is being attacked.

The latest distribution from "Pokemon" Sun and Moon will also allow the players to play with Blaze. The distribution of this Charizard will come exclusively from Target and will end on October 14. 

Meanwhile, the "Pokemon" Sun and Moon latest update will pave way for players to grab some Pocket Monsters. It was also said that the highlight of this Charizard distribution will be the Gamestop's Marshadow giveaway.

Furthermore, reports from Game Zone also claimed that Target is also selling a Trading Card Game Bundle which is called the Charizard-GX Premium Collection. This bundle features a collector's pin, a Charizard-GX promo, plus more. Therefore for those who are fans of the GTC, this will surely be great news for them so they need to check this out.

Since this "Pokemon" Sun and Moon updates only last until October 14, players need to redeem the code on February 4, 2018, which is the day when that updates expire. In order to have the code redeemed, the player needs to hit the Mystery Gift found on the main menu then select the Receive Gift option. After that, the player must press the "Get with Code/Password" then Yes, and then Yes again to access the Internet then finally enter the code.