Netflix's Neo-Western crime drama series, "Longmire" season 6 is a few months away from airing its most-awaited episodes. Following this, fans have been looking out for every update about the possible scenarios and events that the upcoming season is going to show.

Among all the other characters on the upcoming "Longmire" season 6, fans are keeping their tabs on what the future will hold for the series lead character, Walt Longmire, portrayed by Robert Taylor, and Katee Sackhoff's character, Victoria "Vic" Moretti. It has been reported before that the show's final season will end in an epic way but fans and viewers have been wondering about the two characters are involved in what was described to be an unforgettable finale.

According to Yahoo News, the complications that the two have experienced on the previous seasons of the show will definitely affect how they will be on this year's "Longmire" season 6. On an interview, one of the series' executive producers, Hunt Baldwin, teased that there is a high possibility for Walt and Vic to end up together especially because the sixth season is the final, and they did end up together on the book series.

Because of this, fans have high hopes for the two characters' relationship to be fully blown on "Longmire" season 6. However, Baldwin said that it will not be an easy path for them to finally see themselves together until the season finale. Carter Matt reported that there are setbacks that have happened during the past seasons that may compromise their chance of ending up together.

One of those was Vic's relationships with Eamonn O'Neill (Josh Cooke) and Travis Murphy (Derek Phillips) and her pregnancy. For Walt, there was his romantic involvement with Ally Walker's character, Dr. Donna Monaghan. There will also reportedly be several characters on "Longmire" season 6 that will cause trouble for Vic and Walt.

Meanwhile, the sources also revealed that "Longmire" season 6 will only compose of ten episodes. Knowing that the upcoming season will be the last one for the series, fans have been expecting for additional episodes than the usual. However, Netflix has still not confirmed the news and is expected to make an announcement a few weeks from now.