The CW's newest teen mystery television drama series, "Riverdale" is on its way to airing its eighth episode of the show's first season. However, the big bummer for the fans and viewers of the series is that the schedule for the upcoming episode is set on the last Thursday of March, which means longer days of waiting.

Nevertheless, the upcoming episode of "Riverdale" is still talked about online and many updates have been appearing on the web as well. On the previous episode, it featured KJ Apa's character Archi Andrews to have discovered that Cole Sprouse's Forsythe "Jughead" Jones has been trying to escape from his father by living in a closet inside Riverdale High.

Also shown on the previous episode of "Riverdale" was Lili Reinhart's character, Betty Cooper finding out that her missing older sister, Polly (Tiera Skovbye) has been hiding in the attic all this time. Jughead was taken into custody because he was accused as the one responsible for the killing of Jason Blossom (Trevor Stines). However, Luke Perry's character Fred Andrews provided an alibi for him. On the last minute, Jughead's father FP (Skeet Ulrich) has been discovered to have possession of Jason's jacket.

On the upcoming episode of "Riverdale", things are reportedly going to get worse for Jughead. According to Access Hollywood, actor Cole Sprouse talked about how his character's life get even more complicated as the show progresses. His unpleasant relationship with his father will reportedly pave way for more tougher situations for Jughead.

As per the actor, episode 8 of "Riverdale" will tell more about how Jughead became the way he is. Aside from not having a permanent home, the characters will also face a tough challenge of how he can make his family better again. Aside from this, his relationship with Betty will also be one thing.

Comic Book also reported that various heartbreaking moments will be felt between Jughead and the people surrounding him. The official promo released for the eighth episode of "Riverdale" mentioned Jughead to feel worried about his friends knowing his secret on his relationship with his father. Moreover, Lili Reinhart mentioned that it will be heart-warming her character, Betty would do anything for her sister because she means a lot to her.

"Riverdale" episode 8 airs March 30, 2017, on The CW.