"This is Us" finale is here and prior to its airing, cast members Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia shared bits of details about season 1's ending. The actors warned fans that the final episode will be an emotional one, so sad that it will be to a point that it is painful to watch.

Moreover, Ventimiglia also said that the overall vibe of "This is Us" finale is unquestionably heartbreaking. But of course, there will be light moments and scenes that will put a smile on the viewers' faces too. Definitely, the 18-episode drama lived up to its promise of presenting episodes that will have people talking about it the next day.

In any case, "This is Us" finale was titled "Moonshadow" and it will reveal what happened to Jack's ill-fated car ride. Also, the story will bring fans deeper into the past, going back to the year 1972 when Jack have not met Rebecca yet. "People want to know what happens with Jack. This may be the time when they find out," Milo told Entertainment Weekly.

Likewise, this episode will continue from where it left off in last week's ending when Jack hopped into his car to see Rebecca. He is set to make the 2-hour drive because he wanted to straighten things out and make everything between them alright.

The "This is Us" last episode will give a time-hopping experience as the story is presented while jumping back and forth through the past and present time. This is the highlight as it will reveal how Jack and Rebecca first met, and how they were as singles.

Finally, fans can watch "This is Us" finale episode via NBC network or it can also be accessed by streaming via services like Sling. As mentioned on In Touch Weekly, fans who missed episodes and would like to catch up can visit NBC's website where it will be available for viewing.