'American Crime' Season 3 Spoilers: Series Praised For Strong Premiere; Episode 2 To See Kimara Giving Up On Shae [VIDEO]

ABC network's anthology crime drama, "American Crime" season 3 had its season premiere a few days ago but the first episode has already brought the fans on the side of their seats. Following this, many people are already looking forward to the second following episode, and unsurprisingly, a lot of speculations and updates have already been reported online.

On the previous premiere episode of "American Crime" season 3, new cast and characters have appeared. It featured an illegal immigrant named Luis Salazar, portrayed by Benito Martinez, arriving in the US to find a new job. He then got hired to work on an industrial farm located in North Carolina but later realized that his salary gets deducted for a payment to the smugglers who illegally took past the border.

Another character on "American Crime" season 3, Isaac Castillo, the farm crew chief, portrayed by Richard Cabral, met a young American drug addict, Coy Henson (Connor Jessup), whom he'd offered a job. Felicity Huffman's character, Jeanette Hesby, tried to persuade her husband Carson (Dallas Roberts) to also hire Raelyn (Janel Moloney), her sister, but her husband refused because Raelyn stole money from her own father to buy illegal drugs.

Meanwhile, Regina King's character, Kimara Walters, dealt with two young prostitutes who seemed to not want any help from her but Kimara is persistent to find their pimp. According to Entertainment Weekly, "American Crime" season 3 undoubtedly had a fresh season start. Many fans and critics have reportedly loved the show's season premiere episode and it just showed the incredible stories that showrunner, John Ridley has.

Ridley is known for his Oscar-winner piece, "12 Years A Slave" and with the film's series of brutal storytelling, it has been reported that same amount of brutality may be expected for "American Crime" season 3. Additionally, the series is praised for its unbiased representation of the United States' darker side and its aftermath.

According to TV Guide, the second episode of "American Crime" season 3 might also see Kimara Walters giving up on helping the young prostitute, Shae Reese (Ana Mulvoy-Ten). As it can be recalled on the previous episode, the troubled teenager did not like the help of Kimara, but the character's persistence and patience will be tested on her need to find the young girls' handler.

"American Crime" season 3 episode 2 airs on March 19, 2017 on ABC.

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