'Metal Gear Solid' Movie Adaptation: Will It Be The Best Video Game Movie Ever?

"Metal Gear Solid" has finally found a director who is willing to turn it into a  "Metal Gear Solid" movie adaptation. Jordan Vogt-Roberts of Kong: Skull Island fame thinks that he would do justice to the game series as he understands the game's language. 

Video games have not been easy to transfer to the big screen. In fact, most big budget video game movie adaptations fall flat, mostly because the directors don't know what fans are expecting to see. Just like "WarCraft," "Need For Speed," "Prince of Persia" and many others failed to incite gamer's attention.

When Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who is famous for Kong: Skull Island, was asked at an AMA session on Reddit about how he plans to tackle the "Metal Gear Solid" movie adaptation, he wrote that most directors don't know how to transfer the interactive storytelling to a passive environment. He said that each game has its own language that projects specific emotions from a gamer while making an audience invest themselves on the narrative rooted in the character.

The "Metal Gear Solid" movie adaptation was announced back in 2014. When asked about what Jordan Vogt-Roberts felt about the game in general, he replied that Hideo Kojima has done a wonderful job in understanding how an interactive movie works. Hideo Kojima's games can be best described as interactive movies because of their deep storytelling.

"Metal Gear Solid" movie adaptation would be difficult to project on the big screen because of its gameplay that revolves around stealth. Jordan Vogt-Roberts felt that it is crucial to replicate the stealth tactics on the big screen rather than just put a narrative. He also said that the "Metal Gear Solid" project is the most important franchise to him.

Jordan also applauded Hideo Kojima and his team for doing splendid work on the game and mentioned that he and Kojima are working on the script. Jordan stressed that "Metal Gear Solid" movie adaptation needs to be "Metal Gear Solid" and not take parts from other movies like "Mission Impossible" or "G.I. Joe."

It is unclear when the movie might hit the big screen. Stay tuned for more "Metal Gear Solid" movie adaptation rumors and updates.


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