CBS has recently announced that one cast will return in the final episodes of "Criminal Minds" Season 12. Fans are hoping that it will be Thomas Gibson whose absence in the series is reported to have caused the decline of its rating. Viewers have actively campaigned for #No HotchNoWatch.

The cast that will return in the final episodes of "Criminal Minds" Season 12 is Shemar Moore according to Deadline. For the last ten years, he had played the role of Derek Morgan, the supervisory special agent. He is expected to lead the case against Mr. Scratch who is a serial kill and an escaped convict.

Moore's return to "Criminal Minds" Season 12 is only in a guest capacity. When he left the procedural drama last year, he wanted to focus on his personal life and new family. "I'm not leaving to go be a big star and try to make a lot of money," Moore said. "I'm just leaving to take a breath."

"Criminal Minds" Season 12 is reported to decline in television rating. Critics said that it is due to the absence of Thomas Gibson. His avid fans are still campaigning for #NoHotchNoWatch. With the return of Moore in the procedural drama, viewers are wondering if show runners will also bring back Gibson.

Last year, Gibson was kicked out of the show after an alleged altercation with producer and writer Virgil Williams. The former was reported to have apologized but after a two-week suspension, he later dropped from "Criminal Minds" Season 12.

Gibson said that his pride and reputation were hurt by his sudden dismissal from the "Criminal Minds" Season 12 according to an interview with People. His character as Aaron Hotchner has appeared in all 255 episodes. There is still no official statement from CBS regarding Gibson's return to the police drama.