One of the longest-running daytime medical drama television soaps by the ABC network, "General Hospital" comes back this week with a brand new set of exciting episodes. Some of the cliffhanger scenarios left last week are soon getting answers and thrilling revelations will reportedly be expected.

On the previous episodes of "General Hospital" aired last week, the real story behind Jake's (Hudson West) trip to Cassadine Island has been recalled. Jake has been showing odd behavior on the recent episodes, which makes the audience think of why this is happening. A number of events have proven that the child has not been in his usual self, which made his parents worry about his condition as well.

It has been speculated that on upcoming episodes of "General Hospital," one character will be blamed for what has been happening with Jake. According to TV Source, Constance Towers' character, Helena Cassadine is the one that will be closely eyed as the one responsible. It can be recalled that past events showed how manipulative the Cassadines are and fans think that Jake's strange behavior could possibly be another evil deed by the Cassadines.

It has been further claimed that Helena might have brainwashed Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) and Jason Morgan's (Billy Miller) son on "General Hospital." As it can be recalled on the previous episodes, Helena had succeeded brainwashing Jonathan Jackson's character, Lucky Spencer, back in the days when he was still together with Liz. It was mainly the reason why the couple broke up.

Those were reportedly just a few of the evil deeds Helena had done on the past episodes of "General Hospital." She could really be the one responsible for what's happening with Jake. However, fans could still just assume, this revelation might be one of those that will be included this week.

Meanwhile, according to Soap Hub, also one of the scenes that should not be missed out by viewers of "General Hospital" are the sisters, Tonja Walker's character Olivia and Maura West's Ava Jerome. It was seen in the previous episode that the Corinthos have finally known that Olivia was the one who was responsible for their son, Morgan's death. However, it was hinted that Ava could have been involved in the incident indirectly.

The half-sisters are reportedly going to face the consequences and pay the result of their actions on the upcoming episodes of "General Hospital." It might also be the end for their remaining evil plans as someone will start to investigate them and all other incidents that involve both of the sisters.