CBS network's police procedural crime drama action thriller, "Criminal Minds" season 12 is already in the eighteenth episode, and more exciting action scenarios are going to be witnessed by fans as the series closely approaches its season finale. Several speculations have been emerging regarding on what the fans might see on next week's episode.

On the previous episode of "Criminal Minds" season 12, another new investigation has been solved when the team arrested a new unknown subject that some fans have reportedly been feeling sympathetic with. This was due to Trey Gorgon, the unsub on the episode, had a very rough life before he began his series of killing people everywhere. It had something to do with the way he was raised and the lack of attention the medical people had been giving him.

Meanwhile, also featured on the seventeenth episode of "Criminal Minds" season 12 was the very depressing situation of Matthew Gray Gubler's character, Dr. Spencer Reid, who, until now, is still inside the unpleasant surroundings of prison. He got beaten up in the previous episode, making Supervisory Special Agent Luke Alvez (Adam Rodriguez) threaten Harold Perrineau's character, Calvin Shaw, who was supposed to protect Reid in there.

According to TV Fanatic, a lot of viewers and fans of "Criminal Minds" season 12 have expressed their disappointment over the show's long-suffering given to Spencer Reid. Even the top lawyer, Paget Brewster's character, Emily Prentiss have done nothing about Reid's case and his stay in the prison.

On the upcoming episode of "Criminal Minds" season 12, Reid will reportedly be going to make a tough decision while he is in jail. As per the source, this decision will involve his safety and everyone else in prison, including Calvin Shaw. It has been also been reported that the BAU is going to be investigating a new unsub, which has been described as creepy.

Meanwhile, just recently, it has been one of the talks on the internet that "Criminal Minds" season 12 will be featuring a very familiar face on the finale which is already fast approaching. Entertainment Weekly has previously reported that Thomas Gibson, who was fired from the series earlier this season, has been called out by fans to reprise his role as the people's favorite, Aaron Hotchner. It has also been said that Gibson's comeback might save the show from its rumored cancellation.