'Yuri On Ice' Season 2 Air Date Confirmed; Yuri Might Look For A New Coach, Romance With Viktor Levels Up

It won't be long until "Yuri On Ice" Season 2 air date is announced but in the mean time, the fans are still excitedly waiting for spoilers and possible plot twists. The success of the first season of "Yuri On Ice" was a great surprise for the writers and the creators, as they initially admitted that they were unsure of how the public would take the LGBT factor of the story.

According to reports, the existence of gay couples or a gay love story was not very popular among anime, with some audiences still thinking of it as a taboo. However, the writers and creators of the skating-themed anime took the risk and the rest, as they say, is history. The budding romance between Yuri Plisetsky and Viktor brought some spice to the already interesting plot, and has also caught the attention of the LGBT anime fans. With this, viewers are excited to see what "Yuri On Ice" Season 2 has in store for Yuri and Viktor.

According to Celebeat, "Yuri On Ice" Season 2 spoilers reveal that there might be a possibility that Yuri will look for another coach as his relationship with Viktor becomes more serious. This might seem to be an exciting twist, but there is also a dark side to it as it may compromise Yuri's dream to win the gold medal this time around.

They hype for "Yuri On Ice" Season 2 is a serious matter and has been proven by the hoard of fans who attended the marathon last Feb. 11. Previously, there were reports that "Yuri On Ice" Season 2 might be canceled, delayed or postponed and the fans were truly disappointed with the said news. However, it seems like everything is already ironed out and an official air date has been set. According to Droid Report, "Yuri On Ice" Season 2 air date is slated for Oct. 2017. 


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