It was no secret how uncertain Queen Elizabeth's feeling is toward her grandson's royal wife, however, Her Majesty The Queen's recent act had just proven so much more. Recently, Kate Middleton, who hasn't receive any merit nor special honor, has been honored with Tuvalu Order of Merit, which, for most is not an honor at all.

Middleton and Prince William had been married since 2011, however, despite being in the Royal family, Pippa Middleton's sister has not received any special recognition at all. As Celebitchy cited, Queen Elizabeth only gives merits or special orders to her in-laws and grandchildren as a recognition of something they've done amazing or after years of service. Meanwhile, it's no secret how the Duchess of Cambridge hasn't almost done anything at all and this is probably the reason why she hasn't receive any special recognition.

Fortunately, after six years of marriage, Middleton had received her very first recognition - the Tuvalu Order of Merit. At most part, this seems to be a good news, however, it seems the honor given to Prince William's wife is nothing but a slap on her face. As Celebrity Deal reported, Prince Charlotte's mother had received a very small honor. Apparently, Queen Elizabeth had just confirmed how passive the Duchess is and that she doesn't even deserve any special honor at all.

Instead of being socially responsible, most people, probably including Queen Elizabeth, have seen how the Royal family have neglected their royal responsibilities. They even managed to splurge on vacation, as what they prefer as "rest," after not doing anything at all. Moreover, the Duke of Cambridge had faced nasty rumors together with Prince George's mother. Nevertheless, at least, after several years, she has gotten a merit, a merit that Prince William has not received lately after all the dilemma he'd encountered.

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