'WestWorld' Season 2: Thandie Newton Reveals New Information About Maeve

Fans of the massively hit HBO show "Westworld" are waiting for season 2, which is scheduled to air in 2018. Until then, some "Westworld" season 2 rumors would keep everyone amped up for the next season. For starters, Ed Harris had something to say on the different "worlds" in the "Westworld" show. 

As fans might have noticed, during the skirmish at the end of the first season, an entire part of the company was reserved for Samurais, and one host entered through the doors with letters "SW" beside it, leading fans to speculate that this door must be going towards "SamuraiWorld".

Harris plays "The Man In Black" in the show, whose identity was revealed at the end of "Westworld" season 1, and he doesn't seem to be impressed with the idea that the series might explore "SamuraiWorld". "Westworld" season 2 rumors also suggest that Harris doesn't want his character to don a Samurai costume.

Harris explained that "The Man In Black" is a different kind of character that shouldn't stray out of its cowboy hat wearing roots. Wearing a Samurai suit would also mean Ed Harris would have to move quite a bit to fight, much different to the point and shoot mechanics of "Westworld".

Thandie Newton, who portrays Maeve in "Westworld," also revealed some crucial details about her character. "Westworld" season 2 rumors have it that Maeve would have a great role to play. Fans think that since Dolores might have just become evil by breaking her bonds, and hence Maeve would have to stop Dolores to contain the situation.

Thandie revealed that the first host to attain free will and understand what was going on was not Dolores, who has been the center of attention in the show. In fact, it was Maeve, who acted out of free will and did not escape "Westworld" and instead went back in to search for her daughter.

Thandie explains that the scene was a very emotional scene for her, because to her it was the birth of free will, and thereby her character got the taste of a newfound freedom. "Westworld" season 2 returns in 2018. Stay tuned for more "Westworld" season 2 rumors and updates.


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