As another month goes by, ABC network's longest-running American daytime television soap opera medical drama, "General Hospital" is set to air new episodes. Last week, almost every scene with each of the character was intense, however, there were some cliffhangers and at least some of them will be answered this week.

Some characters are reportedly going to deal with the problems about their personal lives. Last week, fans of "General Hospital" saw how Laura Wright's character, Carly Corinthos reacted when she found out that her supposed assistant and babysitter, Nelle Hayes (Chloe Lanier) actually appeared in her life for further more reasons.

Her husband, Sonny (Maurice Benard) has been convinced on the previous episodes of "General Hospital" that Nelle has an ulterior motive since day one. However, Carly suspected Nelle and Sonny to have been sleeping together. According to TV Over Mind, in this week's episodes, Carly is going to confront her husband about her suspicion and gets mad at him even without proving of her accusations' truthfulness.

Because of this, the upcoming episode of "General Hospital" will turn on a dramatic and emotional moment as Sonny himself will file divorce to end his marriage with Carly. They both have no idea that Nelle has been manipulating them from the start and tricked Sonny on making it look like they slept together, which Carly eventually believes. Aside from that, it has also been reported that the problems the couple has been facing over the past few months also triggered the filing of the divorce.

Fans are looking forward on the scenarios on "General Hospital" that will take place after Carly and Sonny's family will know of their divorce. Moreover, according to Soap Hub, it might also be expected on the upcoming episodes this week that someone will eventually know of Nelle's secret. She will have no other choice by then but to confess to that person the horrible things she did.