'Arrow' Season 5 Spoilers: Oliver, Felicity Takes Trip Down Memory Lane; Breakup Revisited,Haunting Questions Answered

"Arrow" Season 5 fans may have needed to have some time to wrap their heads around the Oliver and Felicity breakup that happened in Season 4. Nevertheless, the said breakup is undeniably one of the biggest twists for the series and may just be the one to gather the loose ends in the series.

According to TV Line, "Arrow" Season 5 will bring up once again the pain, the hurt and the angst of Oliver and Felicity's breakup as its latest episode tries to answer the questions why the breakup happened. In the upcoming "Arrow" Season 5 episode, fans might have to take sides as The CW series tackles the breakup and looks into each minute detail.

"Arrow" Season 5 fans know all too well that the breakup of Oliver and Felicity is not an ordinary breakup considering that the two were already engaged. Of course, Felicity's reason to breakup with Oliver was also very valid since the latter didn't reveal that he had a son from an earlier relationship. Things started going downhill from there and the wedding was off.

According to Screen Rant, "Arrow" Season 5 has been on hiatus since March, giving the showrunners and the series writers more time to prepare for the Oli-City episode. A lot of fans are excitedly waiting for Episode 20 to see if there might be hope for Oliver and Felicity to be together once again. The current state of Oliver and Felicity in the series shows them pitting against each other, but there might be a big twist and they might end up taking each others' side once again.

An executive producer of "Arrow" reportedly teased the viewers that Episode 20 will be the delayed but much-needed explanation to Oliver and Felicity's breakup as well as a blow by blow documentation of the consequences that happened because of the split. "Arrow" Season 5 Episode 20 air date is slated on Apr. 26. 


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