'Jane The Virgin' Season 3 Spoilers: Team Jorge Vs. Team Rafael - Jane Moving On From Michael's Death

Fans of "Jane The Virgin" Season 3 are feeling quite unsettled as the series is currently on hiatus. When will "Jane The Virgin" Season 3 be back on air and what are the showrunners plotting?

Ever since Michael's death, "Jane The Virgin" Season 3 has been more of a sad, romantic drama series, far from the atmosphere that it exuded in its first season. Fans were quite distressed as well when the lead actress lost the man that she loved, months after they got married. However, it seemed like the showrunners didn't plan on making the series a sad, melancholy drama and eventually gave way to scenes where Jane becomes her cheerful, perky self once again.

According to Refinery 29, the last aired episode of "Jane The Virgin" Season 3 saw Jane opening herself up to appreciating the opposite species once again, specifically a man named Jorge. This isn't the first time though that the showrunners tried to put Jane in the market once again. Detective Dennis was the first distraction after Michael's death but it didn't really last long and for good reason, too. Dennis was too close to Michael so a possible relationship with Jane might be awkward and has been dubbed by fans as doomed from the start.

However, setting aside Detective Dennis and Jorge, the fans are also holding their breath for one of Jane's original lovers - Rafael. Will Rafael have another shot at Jane now that Michael is out of the picture? This is definitely an angle that fans will have to wait patiently for in "Jane The Virgin" Season 3.

So when will "Jane The Virgin" Season 3 be back to spice up manic Mondays? According to Romper, "Jane The Virgin" Season 3 air date is slated on Apr. 24, 2017. Are you Team Rafael or Team Jorge? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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