Will Smith stars as Neo in the fan-made ‘The Matrix’ trailer recut

A fan-made video has recently surfaced showing what it would look like if Will Smith took the role Neo in the hit 1999 film "The Matrix."

He replaces lead actor Keanu Reeves on the clip as the titular "the one." The trailer recut for "The Matrix" was first uploaded online by The Unusual Suspect on YouTube.

It shows the actual trailer for the movie but heavily edited to make it seem like Smith is the lead character. Some of the clips that were cut into the film were taken from several movies that the 48-year-old actor starred in like "Enemy of the State" and "I Robot" to name a couple.

As what some fans may remember, Smith was actually asked by the Wachowski brothers, Lana and Lilly, to star in the movie as Neo, according to Entertainment Weekly. The director duo made the offer soon after the actor finished doing his two blockbuster hit movies "Independence Day" and "Men In Black." To no avail, he declined the offer as he was skeptical if the co-directors could pull the movie off.

Smith then went on to star as the lead star in the 1999 film "Wild Wild West" while the role for Neo eventually landed to Reeves. However, the Barry Sonnenfeld movie did not exactly live up to expectations as it was considered as a major flop in the box office.

The original poster, The Usual Suspect, took to Reddit to explain how he managed to put everything together in the recut trailer for "The Matrix" starring Smith as Neo. "I started by taking the official trailer for The Matrix and removing all of Keanu Reeves dialogue and footage," the user explained on the thread. "Then I had to replace the rest of the footage with more high quality footage (I used an old 1999 trailer)."

He then continued to explain that the removed scenes of Reeves were then replaced by Smith's clips from different movies. As for the dialogue, The Usual Suspect said he had to search for the lines that Reeves delivered in the movie and replace it with Smith saying the exact same line.

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