Lindsay Lohan News: Actress Paid Shawn Holley For Services Owed [VIDEO]

Lindsay Lohan paid off legal fees owed to her former attorney Shawn Holley, only a few months after the lawyer demanded assurance that she would get her money if she agreed to represent the actress in court.

The Liz & Dick star owed the lawyer $150,000 after firing her in January, but then rehired Holley after firing Mark Heller on May 3, according to E! Online. Based on a May 2 report, Heller pushed the actress to agree to go to Morningside recovery by allegedly lying to her and telling her the facility was approved by the judge before it actually was. Heller said she would be arrested if she didn’t go.

The actress made multiple calls to Holley asking the lawyer to represent her for a second time when she was threatened to face a jail sentence. Holley agreed under the condition that she would be guaranteed payment from the actress. The Mean Girls star is currently under a payment plan for future services so she doesn’t fall behind on fees.

Holley convinced the court to allow Lohan to check into the Betty Ford center on May 3 instead of the preapproved court center, Morningside Recovery.

It was recently reported that the actress was upset after her parents failed to show up at a family counseling session. Dina and Michael Lohan allegedly got in a fight while taping on a television show and then did not show up for the session with their daughter.

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