'The Voice' Top 8 Performance Recap: The Great, The Middle, And The Going Home


In a week of The Voice competition that has been dubbed by fans as "The Bloodbath," eight competed, four will survive today at the results show to compete again next week. Season 12 is nearing its finale, and there are only three contestants that are going to make it there. If ever there was a week when the contestants needed to pull off a showstopping performance, now would be the time to do so. Some pulled off what they needed to, others sealed their fate. There are no second chances (unless you count the instance save) on this insanely unforgiving week of competition. It's crunch time for the contestants, now let's see if they delivered when it mattered most.

The Great:

1- Lauren Duski- I think either Lauren or Chris are going to be winning this season. However, with her appeals to the key demographic of The Voice, I'm going to give a slight edge to her over Chris. Still, between the two of them I think it is open season to see who is going to win.

2- Chris Blue- Chris hit it out of the park tonight. What originally looked like a season that Hunter or Brennley were going to win, Chris rose to the occasion and I think finally overtook them. Lauren now seems to be his only competition competing for the title.

The Middle:

1- Hunter Plake- We originally thought that Hunter would be the one to beat this season, but it seems like for the first time this season he is in serious danger of going home. His placing is hard to predict at this point.

2- Jesse Larson- Jesse is this season's dark horse. We never expected him to have the run he did, but he is coming out swinging. There is a solid chance he will win the instant save if he doesn't already advance.

3- Aliyah Moulden- Aliyah has surprised us. We don't think she will win the season, but it seems there might just be a chance for her to make it to finale night. Aliyah gave it her all, and it definitely showed.

4- Brennley Brown- Brennley has really fallen from grace this week. We expected Brennley to make it to the end, but now it seems likely she will go home in the bloodbath. Should the votes come through, there is still a slim chance she might skate by. Her chance of winning though are just about gone.

The Going Home:

1- TSoul- Compared to some of the other singers, TSoul just pales in comparison when it comes to popularity. It seems that no matter what he did this week, he was always destined to land in the bottom half of the contestants rankings.

2- Vanessa Ferguson- Vanessa really got lucky last week, but it is very rare for a contestant saved the previous week to survive a bloodbath situation. We think she is gone, unfortunately.

So those are our thoughts, what are yours? Who do you think will manage to survive the bloodbath? Let us know in the comments below.

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